Open House Workshop for Bicycle Plan



Thursday, February 4th the Lee-Russel Council of Governments is going to host a Public Open House Workshop regarding the preparation of the Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan. We ask CAMP members to show up in force to talk about some opportunities that will benefit our efforts moving forward. Please feel free to share your personal thoughts on the bicycle plan presented. However, we do ask that you speak to the specific points listed below as a member of CAMP.

  • Development of a trail system at Lake Wilmore that includes interconnectivity to local neighborhoods, schools, and Chewacla
  • Development of a greenway utilizing the old bike path along Town Creek
  • Development of a bike route from Downtown Auburn to Chewacla State Park
  • Development of a bike route between Auburn and Opelika
  • Development of bike specific facilities in already existent parks in both Auburn and Opelika (pumptrack in Town Creek ETC)
  • Emphasis on having bike routes that connect locations of interest, including parks, schools, shops, etc.

The meetings will be hosted in both Auburn and Opelika and will be an open house format. This means that you do not have to be present the entire timeframe, you can come and go as you please.

Auburn Meeting Location: Frank Brown Rec Center

Opelika Meeting Locaton: Opelika Chamber of Commerce.


Nite Nationals

Nite Nationals

First-hand accounts from last year’s overall winners


From a young age, people think of riding a bike as a means of transportation or as a fun physical activity to enjoy with friends. Most reach an age though, when they trade in two wheels for four, and the days of careless bikes rides become a thought of the past. For competitive mountain bike racers Kyle Taylor, Carey Lowery and Jill Martindale though, their outlook on biking is the complete opposite. Riders Taylor, Lowery and Martindale have a true passion for riding and love every minute they can get on a bike.

0001Taylor, Lowery and Martindale’s love for riding has been expressed through various races they have competed in. Nite Nationals, a 12-hour race that takes place at Chewacla State Park, is one of those races. Not only have they competed in this strenuous race, but they all placed. Taylor was the overall male winner, Lowery was the overall female winner, and Martindale was the female runner up.

The race consists of multiple loops of a 10-12 mile circuit over a 12-hour period. Participants choose to race the event solo or as a team of two or four people, and the object of the race is to cover as much distance as possible over the 12-hour period.

This unique racing experience is sponsored by NiteRider and is hosted by Chain Buster Racing. According to Lowery, Kenny Griffin of Chain Buster Racing hosts a wonderful event.

“Kenny Griffin runs a top notch race,” said Lowery. “The course was well marked, the volunteers were numerous, the post-race breakfast was unending and spectacular, and the payout was equal and enormous.”

Since the race is 12 hours and goes through the night, one might think you have to be a seasoned veteran to participate, but think again. Although experience is helpful when it comes to gearing up for an endurance ride, especially at night, beginners shouldn’t be afraid to take on the challenge. Nonetheless, training is important and getting a help from a friend or coach never hurts. Both Lowery and Martindale trained in order to prepare for the race.0012

Although Lowery had a good base from racing for several years, she still relied on her coach, Lynda Wallenfels, to prep her for the event.

“My training rides focused on shorter, more intense efforts versus long, slow rides,” said Lowery. “Coach prepared me for racing hard and fast for 12 hours straight.”

Martindale also trained for the event and says she was lucky to have an experienced endurance racer as a friend and mentor to help her.

“She helped me plan my training days by riding intervals, doing long gravel and single track rides, planning active recovery days, and riding at night,” said Martindale.

So whether or not you’ve been racing for years, plan to train and don’t be afraid to challenge yourself.

When asked about his favorite part of the event, Taylor mentioned how special it was for his parents to be there supporting him.

“My parents had not been able to make it to a race in two to three years, so I wanted to win in honor of my Father,” said Taylor. “He stayed up the entire night and his encouragement always kept me going.”

Martindale’s favorite part of the race was completing the last lap and seeing the sun rise, especially since the race kicked off at night. She 0003loved observing the park in the daytime prior to the race, but it was something different entirely to watch the sun rise as she pedaled to the finish.

“It felt really sneaky to be racing all night, seeing all of the headlights and taillights from other riders zipping through the woods, and to finally have all of the trees, the river, and the rocks unveil themselves through the morning fog,” said Martindale.

Whether it was late at night or in the early morning hours of the race, Nite Nationals brought out different emotions and feelings from all riders, but one remained the same: the appreciation the riders had for Kenny Griffin and Chain Buster Racing.

“Chain Buster Racing did an incredible job putting the race on,” said Martindale. “Everyone was really cool, friendly, and encouraging before, during, and after the race!”

If you’re an experienced rider or just getting started, Nite Nationals is a great opportunity to challenge yourself and experience a race like none other. Nite Nationals will take place on August 29, 2015, at Chewacla State Park. Online registration closes at 8:00 p.m., Thursday, August 27, 2015, and late fees of $10 will be applied after 11:59 p.m., Sunday, August 23rd. Click here if you’re interested in learning more about the event.

Come out to Nite Nationals 2015 for the ride of your life!


Chewacla NICA Race Recap

NICE Recap


Alabama’s second NICA race, “Crank Down at Tiger Town,” was recently held at Chewacla State Park. Alabama’s NICA league was responsible for the event, and we happily contributed volunteers and coaching efforts; not to mention the awesome trail systems! The weather was great, as well as the support from the local cycling community. Hundreds came out to participate in the race activities and the local teams had a great showing, winning three of the races and finishing second in three.

During the race, Chewacla’s distinct flavor of trails—with less climbing, but more technical features than the fast-and-pumpy trails of the first NICA race – became known. Chewacla’s roots, logs, and hairpin turns played to different riding strengths. Overall, the event was a huge success thanks to our riders, volunteers, and support from the community.


Local Team Results: Race #2 –Crank Down at Tiger Town

JV Girls

–        1st – Hannah Crews — Auburn HS

–        9th — Veronica Albrecht — Auburn HS

JV Boys

–        2nd Carson Chambliss – Auburn HS

–        9th Seth Almond – Auburn HS

Soph Boys

–        1st Andrew Vaughan Auburn HS

–        13th Harrison Bentley – Auburn HS

–        33rd Geon Jung – Auburn HS

Frosh Boys

–        1st Jackson Hubbard – Auburn HS

–        2nd William Goodling – Auburn HS

–        4th Andrew Monk – Auburn HS

–        6th Justin Walker – Lee County Comp

–        10th Andrew Farr – Auburn HS

–        11th Will Anderson – Auburn HS

–        17th Aedan Bird – Auburn HS

–        18th Connor Mccormick – Auburn HS

–        19th Brett Mclean – Auburn HS

–        23rd Jackson Eaton – Lee County Comp

–        33rd Joshua Roberts – Auburn HS

–        40th Max Mcdonald – Auburn HS

Frosh Girls

–        2nd Aly Roland – Lee County Comp

–        6th Courtney Clark – Lee County Comp


To view all of the Crank Down at Tiger Town race results, click here.



Gearing Up For Nite Nationals 2015

Nite Nationals 2015


Nite Nationals is a 12-hour mountain biking race taking place at Chewacla State Park on August 29, 2015. The time to begin training and gathering a team is NOW, so don’t wait! Make a team and register for the event by August 20, 2015.

Since this is a 12-hour ride, training will be very important if you are thinking about participating. It may seem intimidating, but do not let the length of the event discourage you! If you begin training now, you will be in great shape come race time. In order for you to begin your training, we have provided informational links about longer mtb rides. Follow the links below to learn more about training for Nite Nationals 2015. We hope to see you there!


Training Help:

12-Hour Solo Mountain Bike – Personal Record Plan

12-Hour Solo Mountain Bike Finisher Plan 

Your Three-Month Plan To Going Huge

Endurance Cycling: Five Mistakes To Avoid

Ultra Endurance Training  Tips (Mountain Bike and Road)

Additional event information can be found here.







Tips For Beginners

Tips To Keep In Mind While Mountain Biking


This summer we will be offering additional opportunities for beginners to get on the trails and enjoy their time riding dirt. The Super Sunday family ride returns this Sunday providing a beginner-friendly group ride every Sunday starting at 2 p.m. on the trails at Chewacla State Park. We are also ramping up our new CAMP Counselors program, which is coming soon. These Counselors are all-skilled riders, who will host group rides specifically to help new riders. Until then, check out these helpful tips below!

Going uphill

Shift into a low gear. Before shifting, ease up on your pedaling to decrease pressure on the chain. Find the gear best for you that matches the terrain and steepness of each climb.

Stay seated. Standing out of the saddle often helps when climbing steep hills with a road bike, but you may find that on dirt, standing causes your rear tire to lose its grip and spin out. Climbing requires traction, especially in loose terrain. Stay seated as long as you can.

Lean forward. On very steep hills, the front end may feel unweighted and suddenly pop up. Slide forward on the saddle, and lean over the handlebars. This adds more weight to the front wheel and should help keep you grounded.

Keep pedaling. On rocky climbs, keep the pressure on, and don’t let up on those pedals. The slower you go through rough trail sections, the harder you will work.

Going downhill

Shift into the big chainring. Shifting into the big ring before a bumpy descent will help keep the chain from bouncing off. And should you crash or disengage your leg from the pedal, the chain will cover the teeth of the big ring so they don’t bite into your leg.

Relax. Stay loose on the bike, and don’t lock your elbows or clench your grip. Your elbows need to bend with the bumps and absorb the shock, while your hands should have a firm but controlled grip on the bars to keep things steady. Steer with your body, allowing your shoulders to guide you through each turn and around each obstacle.

Don’t oversteer or lose control. Mountain biking is much like downhill skiing, since you must shift your weight from side-to-side down narrow, bumpy descents. Your bike will have the tendency to track in the direction you look and follow the slight shifts and leans of your body. You should not think so much about steering but the direction in which you wish to go.

Rise above the saddle. When racing down bumpy, technical descents, you should not be sitting on the saddle but instead standing on the pedals and straddling the seat, allowing your legs and knees to absorb the rocky trail instead of your rear.

Drop your saddle. For super steep, technical descents, you may want to drop your saddle 2 or 3 inches. This lowers your center of gravity, giving you more room to bounce around.

Keep your pedals parallel to the ground. The front pedal should be slightly higher so that it doesn’t catch on small rocks or logs.

Stay focused. Many descents require your utmost concentration and focus just to reach the bottom. You must notice every groove, root, rock, hole and bump. You, the bike and the trail should all become one as you seek singletrack nirvana on your way down the mountain. If your thoughts wander, then so may your bike, and into those trees you will go.


Follow the links below to learn more:

Beginner’s Guide To Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking Techniques

Training: Beginners Guide to Mountain Biking

Biking For Beginners


We hope these quick tips help. See you on the trails!


SORBA Summit Recap

sorbaRecapLGCAMP-SORBA played host to the 2015 Southern Mountain Bike Summit on March 19-21. During that time, over 100 mountain bike advocates came to the Auburn/Opelika area to learn, ride, and unwind.

The weekend kicked off Thursday night with a ribbon cutting of our new trails at Chewacla State Park. The Upper Chewacla trail system was visited by a number of riders and local dignatires, including Mayor Bill Ham. The mayor spoke highly of CAMP and the new amenity to the area. Opelika-Auburn News, the local news outlet, was on hand and published an excellent article on the event. Click here to read more.

Friday consisted of a number of seminars including talks by Bob Allen, famed mountain bike photographer. Additional talks throughout the day focused on helping advocates be more effective stewarts of their area. After, the seminars participants made their way to Chewacla State Park for guided trail rides and bike demos provided by Trek, Rocky Mountain, and Norco. Post rides guests were shuttled to Historic Downtown Opelika to enjoy an evening at Red Clay Brewing Company and John Emerald Distillery.

Saturday played host to SORBA’s bi-annual board of directors meeting. During this meeting, leaders from SORBA chapters discussed important matters to the organization as a whole. After the meeting, everyone made their way to Chewacla once again for guided tours and demos. After the rides, everyone was invited to the Red Barn on Auburn University’s Campus for an evening of food, fun, and beer provided by Oskar Blues Brewing. There we announced the winners of the weekend raffle that included a Weekend for six at the Reeb Ranch donated by Oskar Blues and a sweet Felt crusier bike donated by James Bros Bikes.

We would like to thank all of our sponsors for making the weekend an incredible success.

  • AO Tourism

  • Oskar Blues Brewing

  • Auburn AV

  • James Bros Bikes

  • Red Clay Brewing

  • John Emerald Distillery

  • Chewacla State Park


XTERRA Tiger 2015



XTERRA Tiger will take place at Chewacla State Park on April 4, 2015. Chewacla is the perfect venue for an off-road Triathlon, as it has one of the areas’ best parks for a Tri, a fun and fast trail system and a quiet comfortable setting. The trails are built and maintained by C.A.M.P. The 1/2 mile lake swim will start off the event. Athletes will swim out to a point in the lake marked with buoys and then back to the beach. After exiting the water, the racers will face a short run to the transition area to begin the mountain bike leg, which consists of a 10 mile loop. The athletes will then transition again to the shorter 3.1 mile run course which will use parts of the mountain bike course plus some dirt road power line sections to finish the race.

Awards available for the following groups:

  • Men 15-19 / Men 20-29 / Men 30-34 / Men 35-39 / Men 40-44 / Men 45-49/ Men 50-59/Men 60+
  • Women 15-19 Women 20-29 / Women 30-34 / Women 35-39 / Women 40-49 / Women 50-99 / Physically Challenged.

Entry Information:

  • Pre-entry deadline of 10pm Eastern time on Thursday before event = $60 Individual
  • On-site registration available Friday 4pm to 6pm and at James Brothers Bikes

Registration & pickup:

  • Friday from 4pm to 6pm at the race site
  • Registration pickup only: Saturday from 7am to 8am at the race site
  • All participants must present a picture ID plus a current valid USAT license or purchase a temporary, one-day USAT license at registration for $12.
  • USAT rules state that competitors may wear wetsuits if the water temperature is 78 degrees or lower.
  • USAT rules state that if the water temperature is between 78.1 – 83.9 degrees, competitors may wear wetsuits but will not be eligible for awards.
  • If the water temperature is 84 degrees or above, participants may not wear wetsuits.
  • Water temperature will be tested on race morning.

Volunteers would be greatly appreciated. If interested in volunteering, fill out the for below.

For additional information about the event, click here.



Weekend Workdays

Weekend Workdays

As we gear up for the 2015 SORBA Summit, we will be doing a lot of work to make sure the trails are looking their best and are ready to ride. To prepare for the event, work days will be held every Saturday (weather permitting). Volunteer help is always welcomed and greatly appreciated!

Upcoming projects include:   workday-image

  • berm bridge on Kick 6
  • Lakeside Connector bridge
  • dirt work on Dell’s Trail
  • potential sign installations
  • the BIG Event

For up-to-date information on our upcoming projects, be sure to check out our Facebook page:


SORBA Summit

Southern Mountain Bike Summit

March 20-21, 2015

C.A.M.P. is hosting the 2015 SORBA Summit here in Auburn, Alabama. Come join mountain bike advocates, volunteers, land managers, and representatives from the mtb industry for a 2-day conference!

Join IMBA-SORBA for the 2015 Southern Mountain Bike Summit’s Professionals’ Day on Friday, March 20, in Auburn, Alabama. Land managers, tourism professionals, and bike industry leaders from Mississippi to the Carolinas will gather with off-road cycling advocates to meet, greet, and learn about cutting edge and best practices in the world of mountain biking.

Auburn, Alabama is the home of the Central Alabama Mountain Peddlers and Chewacla State Park’s mountain biking trail system. Chewacla currently boasts 20 miles of mountain bike trails, with more planned for construction. Guided hikes and rides on the trails are planned at the end of the day’s sessions.

An agenda, information about lodging, and online registration are available using the following link:




All Members Meeting/Christmas Party

Volunteers who have logged 100 hours or more since March 2012 will receive this belt buckle at the 2014 Christmas Party!

Volunteers who have logged 100 hours or more since March 2012 will receive this belt buckle at the 2014 Christmas Party!

Mark your calendars for the 2014 Christmas Party & All Members Meeting on December 13! We will meet at the park for group rides, potluck dinner, a bonfire and to discuss the past year and future for CAMP. We will recognize volunteers that have gone above and beyond with 100 hours of volunteer service since CAMP’s inception in March of 2012. This year, these members will receive the belt buckles pictured above to reward their hard work. If you want to be considered for this award, make sure all your volunteer hours are logged in the main office of Chewacla and look out for upcoming workdays to boost your numbers! All trailwork, admin, etc. is considered volunteer time. Time of the Christmas party TBD. Please check our Facebook for updates!